VER5E started DJing at the beginning of 2007 under the tutelage of some legendary instructors at the Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles. Since then VER5E has been rocking crowds from LA to San Diego to the islands of the Philippines and everywhere in between. His open and energetic style of DJing is often commended for the musical selection and creativity utilizing wordplay and custom blends.

VER5E has been a music lover since a very young age which has driven his constant urge to learn and discover new music. He takes great pride in his diverse experience and ability to entertain in any given situation. The ability to adapt his skill set to crowd, venue or event is an asset that he uses constantly. Clubs corporate events, weddings parties and etc. are quite different but VER5E dedicates himself to creating the right vibe to make the event a success.

Along with being a working DJ, VER5E is currently a co-head coach at whose aim is to “Teach the World to DJ.” VER5E offers the school versatility with his ability to teach nearly all class offerings. He plays an integral part in the development of the up and coming DJs. Giving back to the DJ community is and always will be one of highest priorities.

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